August 24, 2020

The Hidden Strengths of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has refigured and is now powering today’s Ecommerce landscape. Businesses have increased investing of AI services and the world has seen the benefits of AI usage for any type of industry. Despite the large growth in popularity across the business world, many of artificial intelligence’s key components are unknown to most people and many companies are missing out on the advantages that it can bring to their success. Machine Learning is one these capabilities that far too many business leaders are struggling to understand and adopt into their marketing strategy. The best way to grow in understanding of Machine Learning is knowing what it is and where it can be utilized the most effectively. This knowledge is a jumpstart to gaining competitive advantages and being able to evaluate how your company can be brought to new heights with Machine Learning.

What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is defined as “the study of computer algorithms that improve automatically through experience. It is seen as a subset of artificial intelligence.” Machine Learning is basically what it sounds like: the ability for the “machine” to “learn” or understand the activity going on in whatever system it is set up on.            

Machine Learning and the learning search multiplier takes data, analyzes it on its own, and extracts information from it, enabling it to understand its own experience and make decisions without a human to guide it or program it to accomplish any of those actions.

HawkSearch Learning Search Multiplier

Yes, these concepts sound quite intimidating at first glance. Although this process sounds intricate and complicated to sort out and assess the information that the Machine Learning is coming up with, it is actually extremely straightforward. No expert is necessary to see the impact Machine Learning on a daily basis. Think about how when you have been searching on Google for black jeans or just any sort of pants for the past week. You haven’t gotten to the mentality of making a purchase yet, but you are browsing. Machine Learning is gulping of that information down and churning out new ads and sending you banners of pant sales for different stores.  You may not be able to see the process in which Machine Learning is doing these things, but what matters is your understanding of how a customer can be successfully met with related content without anyone on the other end having to do any work.            

What Machine Learning is Not

Machine Learning is not human learning. A widespread popularity in comparing Machine Learning or Deep Learning to that of the human brain is too extreme. Machines cannot learn the way humans learn. Humans can comprehend and understand an occurrence much more quickly and make a deeper level of understanding that actions within their brain than any AI system could. Think about symbols or letters that humans learn, whether as children or adults. Humans can learn to identify what they represent with a few examples, while a machine needs as many as thousands of training examples to reach a similar level of mastery. Deep Learning is a sunset of Machine Learning, which is a subset of AI. While these buzzwords are often used interchangeably, they are very much not the same thing. Equating all of these things would devalue the other. For example, to converge AI and Machine Learning as the same thing would deflate everything else that AI can offer, instead of boosting the credibility of AI.                

HawkSearch Machine Learning

So how does HawkSearch use Machine Learning? As said before, Machine Learning is powered by the data it has available to learn from. HawkSearch’s Machine Learning uses every aspect of the user’s journey on a site to power the learning. Data such as conversion points, keywords being searched, what relevant results are being clicked on and where on the page they were when they were clicked, and when these actions took place are all part of what Machine Learning is taking into account. This will allow for the most comprehensive automation to occur on the site. HawkSearch has three distinct levels for Machine Learning automation.

The first being the what, where, and when of results being selected. The second level is powered by conversion data, which is the information about the details of conversions that Machine Learning is given the ability to diagnose and highlight the results of these conversions. The third level is personalization. Through all of the data being collected, Machine Learning has the ability to give us the insights to influence recommendations, search results, etc.

HawkSearch’s Machine Learning

An example of this process would be if a customer loved Adidas and went on the same site looking for adidas gear whenever he shopped, when he goes on and searches “sweatshirt”, Adidas sweatshirts will probably be sent to the top of the results. This keeps the environment feeling personalized for the customer, and therefore keeping him coming back to the site. Although the improvement to search results for our client’s customers is a key component to what we do, it is not everything. HawkSearch is improving results on Landing Pages, vendor/brand pages, and promotional pages. This allows the ability to create dynamic landing pages that are extremely easy to manage.                        

HawkSearch Dynamic Marketing Tools

Another large benefit is the fact that Machine Learning needs no human oversight. With HawkSearch, our clients are provided with a hands-off approach to the data, but still given access to the user’s results. For each level of our Machine Learning, our clients are given the choice of how much weight automation has over results. On the backend of the tool, our HawkSearch Preview can give our clients a look at how their choices will affect results and what it will look like for each user.  

Machine Learning Offers Continual Benefits

At HawkSearch, we believe in the benefits of Machine Learning, and the success it brings our clients continually. No matter how much a business if growing or what size their site is, Machine Learning has no limits or constrained by the amount of data. This tool is an important key to why HawkSearch can stay with our clients for the long run and help us fulfill our desire to be part of our customer’s success.              

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