December 15, 2020

Providing Great Search Experiences for the Healthcare Industry

Over the past decade, the healthcare industry has relied heavily on providing information and selling medical products to customers via their websites. Whether it be a health system or a medical supplies company, these sites contain an enormous amount of information that can quickly become overwhelming for visitors as they attempt to access the resources or medical products they need. Hawksearch is an advanced, AI powered on-site search tool that has helped both of these healthcare industry sectors provide their users with highly personalized and meaningful search experiences.    

Both nationally known health systems and large medical product ecommerce sellers have chosen Hawksearch for its ability to consistently deliver satisfying and relevant search results for members and customers. Let’s take a look at some of the challenges these healthcare industry sectors face as it relates to onsite search and the solutions that Hawksearch can provide.          

Healthcare System Search Challenges    

Healthcare system websites must successfully serve the needs of a widely diverse audience, namely health plan members, agents/brokers and providers of care. In light of this, a number of on-site search challenges exist.

Deliver personalized search experiences for each visitor, so that their unique goals can be accomplished. Find a way to search through thousands of pages of documents and resource in an easy to use, organized format.      

Provide the benefit of comprehensive search results. Empower health system marketing teams to accomplish their business objectives.          


Hawksearch features visitor targeting, machine learning and relevancy tuning are utilized to consistently return search results that are tailor fit for each specific user.       Search functionality can be organized by specific categories such as patients, agent/broker, provider health services and educational resources. This strategy provides users with a highly effective way to navigate a vast amount of information.       T

he Federated Search feature allows visitors to receive search results from the entire health system website, regardless of where the information lives. The Hawksearch workbench empowers health system marketing teams to fully implement strategies and campaigns through the use of features such as pinning, boost & bury rules, synonyms, banner campaigns and faceted navigation.          

Medical Supplies Ecommerce Challenges          

With thousands of products for sale, find a way to search for medical supplies as simply as possible to help visitors find what they are looking for in a highly satisfying format. Provide search results that display all available information regarding a given subject, so visitors can choose what products best fit their needs.        Effective inventory management is critical to a medical product website. Changes in supply levels or manufactures can sometimes affect customers’ ability to access the medical supplies they need.      


Hawksearch allows visitors to use the search bar to pull up information on any topic on the website. The Smart Autocomplete feature helps users find top match results even before they finish typing. Through Federated Search, visitors gain the benefit of search results from a website’s entire indexed content, not just portions of it. When shoppers conduct a search for a specific product or topic, Hawksearch returns everything found on the site from either the product or information databases.        

Like any ecommerce seller, medical product suppliers sometimes experiences fluctuations in inventory levels and must ensure that customers receive the medical supplies they purchased. The Hawksearch Boost & Bury feature allows these companies to highlight certain products in visitors’ search results, as well as deemphasize others if low on inventory or out of stock.          

Additionally, the Boost & Bury functionality also provides a quick and efficient way to maintain accurate search results that saves a considerable amount of time, as compared to removing product data from the website’s PIM (Product Information Manager).

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