July 10, 2018

On-Site Search – Let It Help You Succeed

Thousands of hours are spent every week by website marketers trying to figure out how to find information that will help them be successful in the super competitive world of ecommerce. On-site search engines play an important role in capturing important data about online visitors. Ironically however, on-site search data is often not utilized and at times ignored.    

What Is On-site Search?    

On-site Search (sometimes called Internal Search) is the search engine that is embedded within your website. Unlike Google, on-site search is used to find products from within your site. Here are some surprising facts about on-site Search from a report issued by eConsultancy.  

  • 3 out of 10 online visitors will perform an on-site search. This is usually done when a shopper cannot find what they are looking from site navigation tools.
  • Those who use on-site search are 2 times more likely to make a purchase. In addition, visitors who use site search generate more revenue as compared to those who do not.
  • About 85% of online sellers make little to no effort to maximize the effectiveness of on-site search.
  • Over 40% of companies completely ignore on-site search and the valuable information that can be gained from it.    

Well, Now What?

If you discover that you are not mining the gold held within your on-site search tool, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Even if you are late to the party, you will soon be far ahead of your competition.    

How To Benefit From On-Site Search  

Once you utilize the critical information that on-site search has to offer, it’s not hard to get started. Here are ways to improve your visitors’ experience (and your conversion rates) by using captured data from on-site search.    

  • Help People Find Information or Products More Easily - By studying top searches, keywords and other visitor search patterns, you can much better organize your landing pages into more shopper-friendly categories and product lines.  
  • Prioritize Your Featured Products – By understanding what people are most searching for, you can more effectively align what they want to see with what you feature on your pages. The old adage of “give the people what they want” is still true, even in ecommerce.  
  • Save People From Themselves – Often, people use the wrong terms or phrases when trying to search for a product. By analyzing search terms that are misspelled or where alternative words are used, you can tune your on-site search engine to recognize these anomalies and still return relevant and personalized search results to your visitors.    

Wow - What Is The Take Away?  

By simply focusing on understanding the behavior patterns of your visitors, you can get way ahead of your competition. Measuring the data captured by on-site search tools can give you the critical information to make strategic decisions about how to best present products. This effort will certainly result in increased sales and happy customers. Interested in seeing how HawkSearch can help you get ahead of your competition?  Schedule a demo with our experts today!


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