April 18, 2018

Lost Trying To Find Better Search? Reach Your Destination With The HawkSearch Roadmap

During our recent client Forum, the team at HawkSearch discussed many new enhancements and future developments coming to the already powerful search solution. The initiatives aim to make the product easier to use, more intuitive and provide more critical reporting data. “We have our focus on not only the improvements we are making right now to HawkSearch but also the ones we anticipate our customers will need down the road”, stated Jonathan Meyer, HawkSearch Sales Engineer.

Improvements being made currently to the HawkSearch tool

  • Improved drop/drag and pining functionality will make it easier to place products in the best order for display.
  • Synonym alerts when alternate search terms are used with the ability to easily add new synonyms.
  • Improved user interfaces on the dashboard for increasing efficiency of optimizing the search experience    
  • A new dashboard design for HawkSearch – Coming Soon  
  • Mobile version of dashboard will give functionality on any device.
  • “At a glance” metrics performance bar, giving users access to key data about site activity.
  • More intuitive coordination among different sections of the dashboard.
  • Updated navigation.

Shreyas Kamath, CTO announced the upcoming architecture changes to add the powerful Elasticsearch open-source capabilities to HawkSearch and create a unique search stack which will greatly improve the functionality of HawkSearch to scale and build more enterprise level functionality.

Elasticsearch Core Enhancements and Features

  • Ability to index more complex and unstructured data
  • Real time indexing using an API, not dependent on data feeds
  • Improved relevancy control
  • Improved Synonym Logic
  • Distributed Architecture  

With the ever-increasing importance of data analytics in the online ecommerce and merchandising space, Hawksearch will also be enhancing the data reporting across the tool to give our customers multiple data points to optimize search and browse experiences on the site. In addition, the HawkSearch reporting data will easily integrate with major metrics tools such as Google Analytics.

Other projects in the works during the next year

  • 508/ADA compliant front-end controls
  • Synchronization architecture improvements
  • Infrastructure updates
  • Searching more than text    
  • Looking at 2019 & beyond  
  • Resolving advanced B2B searching use cases
  • Integration with Email marketing tools
  • Integration with advanced GeoIP tools
  • Advanced workflow for approvals/publishers
  • Advanced History/Logging for actions in dashboard  

CTO Shreyas Kamath stressed that client feedback plays an important part in developing the current and future HawkSearch “to do” list. He encouraged everyone to be an active participant in the future evolution of HawkSearch. Stay tuned for future releases as we look forward to rolling the functionality out in the upcoming year!


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