April 3, 2020

HawkSearch Forum 2020 Recap: Site Search and Beyond

On-site search and recommendations have played a huge role in the overall success of companies everywhere.  Statistics tell us that at least 30% of website visitors will utilize the search bar and conversion rates through site search can be up to 50% higher than average. Here at HawkSearch, we’re proud of all of the success we’ve been able to bring to our customers, across all industries. As the site search world expands and more companies seek help with refining their own customers’ search experiences, we decided to put on a forum to share some advice.

Here are some of the highlights:

Keynote Speaker Dave Gravely from State Electric Supply

Relevant on-site search has the power to completely transform companies and nowhere is that more apparent than State Electric Supply. Keynote Speaker Dave Gravely explained his company’s journey with HawkSearch and how they used the platform’s dynamic features to provide a B2C experience to their B2B customers.

New HawkSearch Features

HawkSearch has continued to expand and transform through the years. At this year’s forum, we were able to share some of the new features that are now available and new additions that are coming on the HawkSearch roadmap. One of the most popular sessions was the presentation on HawkSearch’s “Virtual PIM.” Through the help of our data analyzers, customers can now search how they want, whether they are looking for a 24”, 2 ft, or 24-inch item.

Content and SEO

SEO paired with a good content marketing strategy can help with growth, no matter the industry. In a few sessions during the forum, we discussed the elements of creating great content for both ecommerce and information-based websites along with strategies for better SEO. HawkSearch’s SEO influencer was highlighted and we discussed how an effective sitemap, great content, and metadata all play a role in SEO success.    

The Future of Search

AI, the Internet of Things and Voice search are poised to transform on-site search and user experiences as a whole. In this session, we discussed some of the ways customers are searching in 2020 and how to prepare for the future.

This year’s HawkSearch Forum was a huge success. We are glad we were able to meet with our customers one on one and collaborate on new ways to innovate. Keep a lookout for an announcement on next year’s forum, you won’t want to miss it!


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