May 10, 2016

Effective Relevant Recommendation Strategies

Customers love that personal touch when shopping online and offering relevant product recommendations creates a very satisfying experience for them. These strategies not only play a huge part in influencing visitor behavior, but they can also be a major driver for additional revenue for merchandisers. Let's talk about the various types of effective relevant recommendation strategies that will transform site visitors to conversions.

  • Also Bought  – Suggest products that are commonly purchased together by offering additional items which other visitors have bought based on order transaction history.
  • Also Viewed  – Recommend items that are similar to the products viewed by the visitor. Products are considered to be similar if most people view them while shopping.
  • Best Sellers  – Integrate actual sales data into the recommendation logic. Display to visitors products that have a history of robust sales.
  • Featured Items  – Feature contextually relevant products based on attributes, such as brand, price or category.
  • Hot Now!  – Promote products based on real time buy, add to cart or viewing behavior.
  • More Like This  – Offer relevant recommendations for items that are similar based on user-defined fields such as title, brand or product description.
  • Most Popular  – Promote the “most popular” products with real-time data, from the Buy, Add To Cart or View sections of the website.
  • Recently Viewed  – Make it easy for your visitors to shop and navigate the products they’ve looked at by displaying a list of recently viewed items.
  • Trending Items  – Use data from the “most popular,” “hot now” and “best sellers” categories to calculate a trending factor to feature items that are among the most browsed and purchased.

A proven relevant recommendations strategy will play an important part in boosting sales by making the visitor shopping experience more engaging and satisfying.


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