November 10, 2022

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Our services team gives your site the edge you’ve been looking for. HawkSearch's service team is filled with experts who will provide seamless on-site search solutions to level up your site and tailor conversion strategies just for you.

Every client has a unique set of challenges and can only grow when those challenges are overcome. We’ve got your back. The HawkSearch service team sees that the HawkSearch tool is applied smoothly and that every client has the means to grow successfully.

Services Success Story

An American Notary Expert chose HawkSearch to help empower its site search and improve its website experience.

This client helps notaries across the United States and offers educational content. It also works to build a community within the notary industry and promotes best practices nationwide.


The client's search solution was underperforming, and its customers had trouble finding what they needed.

The client needed a way to organize its content while allowing its users to find information quickly and easily. After a series of demonstrations by the HawkSearch sales team, the client was convinced and ready to move forward with HawkSearch.

Key Deliverables

This client needed a way to provide relevant search results for its website visitors. It also wanted to control the display of specific content. Next, this client required a more detailed reporting tool than its current tool. Finally, one of the most important requirements was that the client kept its custom search features.

The HawkSearch service team worked with this client to provide critical deliverables that matched these needs.

Site Search to the Rescue

HawkSearch's on-site search helped the client return the necessary and relevant search results. Now the client's website users can search by category, web page, and blog post. Also, the client can use HawkSearch's rule-building feature to hide blog posts past a specific date. That way, the client can ensure all information is kept up to date and improve the user experience.

HawkSearch's auto-complete feature lets the client's site users find the right content, even if they enter a search question incorrectly.

Content Based on Location

This new client is a national company. Every state has different notary rules and regulations, so the client needed a way to offer specific content for each state.

The HawkSearch service team worked to use HawkSearch's entitlement feature to help the client display state-specific information.


The service team worked to give the client access to HawkSearch's recommendation feature so that it could provide additional content suggestions to the client's site users.

Content suggestions can increase online engagement and revenue. The client can offer specific suggestions to its users, creating a new personalized online experience.

Platform Integration with HawkSearch

In addition to its powerful features, HawkSearch can deliver more value by connecting to the client's CMS (content management system) platform, Unbound. For example, the client can use HawkSearch's Boost & Bury feature without moving to a new platform.

Getting Results with HawkSearch

After a month of using HawkSearch, the client saw multiple improvements in its online engagement. The client's website users found their desired content with one search. This improvement resulted in a 45% decrease in second searches. The client also found that using HawkSearch led to a 6% decrease in search result exits and a 13% decrease in departures from the search results page.

These improvements to the client's site search led to a 16% increase in time spent on the client's website by the user. Users had higher engagement due to a better online experience.

Service You Can Count On

Service you can count on to get the job done is one of HawkSearch's valuable features. HawkSearch has thrived in the eCommerce industry for over a decade, and its success is due to two factors. The first factor is HawkSearch's incredible performance, providing its customers with the right tools for growth. The second factor is HawkSearch's fantastic service team.

The service team works with HawkSearch's clients to determine how to help them grow and is the first to call if a client needs assistance. They can provide the necessary knowledge and insight into how to use HawkSearch's features to drive growth for your business.

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by Nick Zerbst

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