2020 Roundup of Top Six Hawksearch Blogs

January 4, 2021

2020 Roundupof Top Six HawksearchBlogs The digital world has officially moved into 2021 but not without first making an inventory of the lessons we learned in 2021. At Hawksearch, we strive to help businesses and consumers adapt with technological advancements and this year was a major catalyst for progress. We shared a wide variety of new information and helped foster plenty of development, all of which was received with great enthusiasm by you. Let’s take a look at what interested you the most by counting down the top six Hawksearch blogs in 2020. 6. How to Improve Position in Google Search Results Search engine optimization (SEO) is at the core of any successful website. 2020 saw advancements in SEO strategy, particularly in ecommerce with Google now heavily favoring paid ads, yet still seeing extreme value in an omnichannel marketing approach. Hawksearch is using leading-edge SEO influencer tools and powerful on site search to help sites rank at the top. Find out more about how we positively influence your SEO value. 5. Why On Site Search Is More Important Than Ever This Holiday Season The onset of COVID-19 led more consumers to the digital marketplace during the holidays and companies who were prepared with comprehensive search functionality saw incredible results. Through smart autocomplete cues, relevant recommendations , personalization and so much more, Hawksearch paved the way for fast and efficient ecommerce sales. Discover additional information about the distinct features of on site search. 4. How to Improve Your Site Search Relevancy and Customer Experiences When it comes to search, making a positive impression on your customer is key. We took the time to compile a list of essential site search factors to improve your relevancy, from product to information searches. Rethinking your site search algorithm and redefining the query generation process are two essential steps in enhancing customer journeys. See how we make those improvements by taking a closer look at the blog. 3. The Three Ways People Will Search in 2020 The most common types of search functionality are broken down into three groups: traditional, beyond and guided. Each have their differences and cater to users in different ways. Hawksearch leverages robust on-site search capabilities and was able to deliver on the most simple and complex queries. Learn more about how we supply a vast spectrum of search functionality for each group’s unique needs. 2. Integration Made Easy: On Site Search for BigCommerce Significant advancements were made within the on site search tool, tailored to our partner BigCommerce . We expanded the search and recommendations functionality through the Hawksearch Application for BigCommerce to drive more conversions to stores. Clients find what they need, when they need it with rich product comparisons, facets and filters, and with intelligent tools like our advanced SKU/part number/YMM search analyzer. Installation is simple and processes are streamlined. View how easy it is to integrate dynamic on site search. 1. If They Can’t Find It, They Can’t Buy It: Why You Need Facets and Filters in Site Search And now for our top blog of the year…drum roll please! Facets, faceted search, faceted search filters, and faceted sorting are all important elements that allow the user to have a better site search experience. The name of the game is connecting users to the products they already know they want. Reduce bad experiences and increase conversion rates with tools that require less effort by the consumer. Hawksearch is an industry-leader and the only platform able to provide programmatic data normalization to handle ecommerce complexities. Find out what makes us different. An even brighter future in 2021 Now that 2020 has come to an end, it’s time to continue search innovation. And we’ve already started. Thanks to our expert staff and valued partnerships, we continue to raise the search experience bar with a customized search tool that can connect to any platform on the market. Follow us in 2021 for the latest updates and news. If you’re ready to improve your digital presence through search, contact Hawksearch today for more information.