July 22, 2019

4 Reasons Why Ecommerce Sellers Love The HawkSearch Relevant Recommendation Tool

They say in business that nothing happens until somebody sells something. This old adage is certainly true when it comes to ecommerce. As more people turn to online retailers to do their shopping, these businesses have a real opportunity to utilize technology to increase their sales and provide a deeply satisfying shopping experience for customers. In addition to its ability to deliver highly personalized and relevant search results, HawkSearch also offers an add-on Relevant Recommendations tool that can be used to boost sales by capitalizing on known information about shoppers and make suggestions to them about purchasing additional products. From the largest online retailer to the mom and pop ecommerce store, data has proven that a recommendation engine can have a significant impact on sales. Here are 4 great reasons why the available HawkSearch Relevant Recommendations tool works in helping your ecommerce business not only boost revenue, but also turn mere shoppers into loyal, returning customers.  

1. Machine Learning Is Really Good At Reading People’s Minds

Machine learning has been one of the many benefits that has come from advancements in artificial intelligence. Advanced search tools such as HawkSearch are able to analyze huge amounts of data about shoppers’ behavior patterns and buying habits. From this information, machine learning can make very accurate predictions about what buyers want to see and are likely to purchase. In addition to receiving highly relevant results from the HawkSearch onsite search box, the Relevant Recommendations tool will also display alternative products that shoppers can add to their carts. Utilizing this HawkSearch feature is a great way to engage in the classic sales technique of suggestive selling.  

2. Taking It Personally

Even though the world is getting more impersonal with each passing year, we humans still want to feel as though what we care about as individuals is important. Personalization is one of the key components to ecommerce success today and the Relevant Recommendations engine can play a large part in those efforts. Whether a shopper is logged in to an ecommerce site or data is gathered through a unique ID (such as a cookie), HawkSearch can capture information about them and display search results that are personalized to their specific interests or tastes. The Relevant Recommendations tool will then take that information from the search engine and make suggestions about other appealing products to purchase. HawkSearch’s ability to personalize both search results and recommendations can not only greatly improve the quality of the shopper’s journey, but also increase conversion rates.  

3. Mastering The Art Of Mobile

A huge number of ecommerce shoppers are moving away from desktops and onto mobile devices to do their online shopping. HawkSearch is very responsive to the needs of mobile users with both our on-site search functionality, as well as the Relevant Recommendations tool. Formatting for a smaller screen size is critical for mobile ecommerce success and HawkSearch easily adapts by presenting shoppers with intuitive and easy to use displays. Online marketers can even customize how HawkSearch displays search results and recommendations by controlling formatting details such as page break points and the number of products shown at one time. Despite a much smaller screen, mobile shoppers still expect to be able to accomplish their shopping goals in a satisfying way and HawkSearch can play an crucial part in that process.  

4. The Power Of Flexibility  

The Relevant Recommendations tool found in HawkSearch is not only a great way to increase sales and conversions, but it is also very flexible to meet the unique needs of online marketers and merchandisers. HawkSearch gives marketing teams the flexibility to suggest alternative products to visitors in a variety of creative ways. Here are some examples of how the Relevant Recommendations engine can introduce alternative products to shoppers.    

  • Frequently Bought Together  – This is a great to way increase the average order value of a sale by pairing products together in a shopper’s mind.  
  • Recommended For You  – Suggesting products in this fashion continues the personalization journey for the customer.
  • More Like This  - Taking advantage of known information about a shopper, other products that appeal to them can be displayed  
  • Best Sellers  – Using real user data captured by HawkSearch, shoppers can be shown the most popular items purchased by others.    


The concept of suggestive selling has been practiced for many decades in traditional retailing and it has proven to be very effective in ecommerce as well. The Relevant Recommendations tool is a powerful way to increase sales and create a more satisfying experience for customers. Personalization is at the heart of every successful recommendation strategy and shoppers are sure to respond positively to it. Ready to see Relevant Recommendations in action?  Schedule a demo today!


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