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Hawksearch provides best-in-class features for you to define your visitors search experience. Regardless of if you're selling products, searching content, or indexing multiple systems, and SEO optimized content, Hawksearch complements your business objectives.

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We Are Obsessed With Your Customer's Journey Using Onsite Search

You may be looking to boost your ecommerce search, looking to improve your website search engine or enhance your site search, Hawksearch solves these challenges and more delivering relevant digital experiences.


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Marketer thumbnail

I am a Marketer:

Hawksearch provides the capability for me to deliver targeted messaging and promotions to my site visitors.

  • Peronalization - SEO Optimized, Digital Marketing
  • Recommendations - Enterprise Search, Increase Conversions
  • Reporting - SEO Analytics
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Merchandiser thumbnail

I am a Merchandiser:

Hawksearch provdies the adaptability for me to highlight the content or products tailored to my goals.

  • Facet Control - Smart Insights
  • Visual Merchindising - Display
  • Recommendations - Suggested Searches
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Developer thumbnail

I am a Developer:

Hawksearch allows me the possibility to accomplish more with less lines of code using the best of SaaS and custom development.

  • REST API - Speed, Relevance
  • SEO Website - Tools
  • Machine Learning - Artificial Intelligence

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What Can You Do With Hawksearch?

  • Dynamic Marketing

    Equipping marketers to strategically present how results are displayed to visitors.
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  • Relevancy Tuning

    Refining which fields, keywords and other data points will influence the results returned.
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  • Smart Insights

    Automatically improving relevant results for a crowd, a segment, or an individual.
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  • SEO Influencer

    Ensuring that your website search influences your external search engine optimization efforts.
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  • Smart Autocomplete

    Providing immediate results by predicting what visitors want to see.
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  • Reporting

    Effortlessly analyze search performance on your site to identify trends and areas for optimization.
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  • Delivery Method

    Based on your hosting requirements, choose between two possible tracks. both provide reliable, secure and fast experiences for accsesible search implementations.
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  • Search UI/Guided Navigation

    Creating your search experience to meet your business and visitor's needs.
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  • Relevant Recommendations

    Delivering intelligent recommendations for visitors through machine learning.
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  • Search Information Manager

    Connects the data for PIM, ERP or ecommerce systems from the website visitor by schematic normalizing phrases that site visitor uses to search.
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Your Search Technology Stack

The Hawksearch platform offers a robust, feature-rich next-generation search, recommendation, and personalization engine that enhances, normalizes and enriches your customer's experience. The Hawksearch platform leverages advanced artificial intelligence, machine learning and industry leading analyzers to identify the ultimate search experience delivering accurate results from federated data sources. This platform works on small to enterprise level environments including B2C, B2B, commerce, content publishers and enterprise applications. Hawksearch uses industry standard RESTful APIs to integrate across your business ecosystem.

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