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Powering Best In Class Service Through Search

Since 1952, State Electric Supply Co. has been an industry leader as a full line, electrical supply distributor and consultant. The organization has over 40 locations operating in 7 states and handles every kind of electrical products from heavy commercial applications to residential home lighting. Their website has 60,000 sku’d items. They are known for their outstanding service model and today their online presence is a significant part of the business. The company focuses on delivering the best possible shopping experience for their customers, both in stores and online.





Electrical supply products by their very nature involve an enormous level of detail regarding their specifications. In light of this, as the organization’s online presence grew, it was clear that in order to be successful as an ecommerce retailer, some challenges would need to be overcome.

  • Avoid shopper frustration stemming from the inability to easily find products through the previous search tool.
  • Find a search solution that would give site visitors the ability to page through thousands of products of many different varieties in a user friendly format and provide accurate, relevant search results.
  • Secure a robust marketing workbench with effective merchandising tools.
  • Partner with a search organization with the same outstanding customer service philosophy.



State Electric Supply Co. carefully reviewed the capabilities of several search tool products and chose Hawksearch for its extremely accurate search results, powerful marketing workbench and effective use of facets in the site’s category navigation.


Hawksearch was implemented on the State Electric Supply Co. website and they experienced very positive results.

  • Online shoppers now enjoy a much more intuitive and user friendly search experience. Smart Autocomplete feature takes the guess work out of how a search term should be phrased.
  • Hawksearch delivers extremely accurate and relevant search results in an easy to use format. The tool enables visitors to simply search through navigation categories and then drill down further by such applicable facets as price, brand, size, application and more. Recognizing synonyms is also a part of the search strategy.
  • The Hawksearch merchandising workbench enables State Electric Supply Co. to fully utilize boost/bury rules, pinning and banner campaigns to highlight and focus visitor attention on certain products as needed. Hawksearch’s visibility rules enable State Electric Supply Co. to not show certain products based on region, inventory status or manufacturer territorial sales agreements.
  • Hawksearch continues to provide outstanding customer service and technical support to the State Electric Supply Co. team.
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"The tools within Hawksearch are amazing. Our previous search product was limited and difficult to utilize. Most changes we needed to make had to be submitted to our I/T team for completion. The Hawksearch dashboard is marketing centric and easy to use. By employing visibility rules, boost & bury, synonyms, redirects and other search functions, we can make any needed adjustments on the fly – all of which makes the customer experience better and ultimately drives sales."

David Gravely
VP eCommerce & Strategic Sales,
State Electric Supply Co.