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Packard implemented Hawksearch as part of their website redesign project as they were looking for a tool that would accelerate their operations. Since implementing Hawksearch, Packard saw a 70% increase in user registrations and reached $1 million in monthly sales for the first time; a testament to the power of great search.

Founded in 1959, Packard is a dominant force in the HVACR industry with a full slate of motors, compressors, condensing units, capacitors, accessories, controls, components, and more available for wholesale on their ecommerce website. The company boasts its expansive selection of HVACR parts and components and sells primarily to wholesalers and distributors across North America.



  • Search Information Manager (SIM)
  • Search UI
  • Relevancy Tuning
  • Guided Navigation
  • Smart Autocomplete
  • Reporting


When presented with the challenge of redesigning their website, Packard paid special attention to the search tool. With such a large variation of products, all with a range of attributes, the company was dealing with a common distributor dilemma: how do we provide exactly what our buyers are looking for quickly and accurately? Their existing standard search tool struggled with this in several ways.

  • Packard typically sells to two types of customers, wholesaler counter workers and purchasing agents who search in fundamentally different ways. Wholesaler counter workers would usually use long-tail keywords when looking for products, with specific attributes attached to their query. On the flip side, purchasing agents are given a laundry list of items to buy and typically search by SKU. Packard needed to find a search tool that would have the flexibility and power to serve everyone’s needs.
  • In order to purchase from Packard, users must be registered and each user has specific pricing and products available to them. Unfortunately, Packard’s search tool did not have the ability to bury or hide restricted products on an individual user basis. This caused disappointment for some buyers who found products that they may have been interested in purchasing, only to find out that they are unavailable to them.
  • In the HVACR industry, buyers usually have very specific needs in mind. Packard has a very extensive line of over 12,000 products, with differing sizes, wattage, amperage, speeds, and more, but customers were unable to effectively narrow down their product search across those specifications. To truly serve their customers, Packard needed a seamless way to bring in that product data and make the shopping process easier to navigate.


Packard realized that search was an important part of their website redesign and looked for a tool that would accelerate their operations. They came to Hawksearch for its comprehensive features and functionality.


  • Packard wanted to serve all of their different buyers and Hawksearch’s array of features solved this problem. With Hawksearch’s Relevancy Tuning, wholesalers can search in a long tail, specific manner, and get relevant results that fit what they’re really looking for. A search for the term “60 Hz compressor,” for example, presents buyers with products that have that specification, even if only in the product data and not in the name of the product itself. For purchasing agents, Hawksearch’s Search Information Manager (SIM) analyzes and normalizes product SKUs to match users with the correct SKU, even if a small element of the query is misspelled or formatted differently. This enabled a search for the SKU, “FLSR125XXID” to return the same result as the hyphenated “FLSR-125XXID.” These changes amplified the search experience for buyers and alleviated a lot of past frustrations.
  • Packard’s registered users are now able to search and view the products and pricing available to them with Hawksearch’s Visitor Targeting features. When a buyer searches for a product, they are instructed to log in to their profile. This information is used by Hawksearch to instantly display pricing and inventory corresponding to the customer’s user profile and restrict certain products that aren’t available to specific users.
  • For buyers with clearly defined needs, Hawksearch also powers a product configuration tool that makes locating the right product a breeze. To use the tool, buyers simply select a product type and choose between a number of specifications in drop-down menus. Results are configured to show the products that align with those attributes. This tool saves buyers much needed time by only displaying the products that work for their needs.

Since implementing Hawksearch, Packard saw a 70% increase in user registrations and reached $1 million in monthly sales for the first time; a testament to the power of great search.

0 mil
One Million Dollars in Monthly Savings
Increase in User Registrations
Increase in Online Revenue

“Implementing Hawksearch has transformed our company. The tool created efficiencies that we didn’t even think were possible and we’re happy to be able to serve our customers with a better site experience.”

Mark Esbrook, Website Administrator at Packard