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Since 2003, Internet Retailer (now Digital Commerce 360, referred to as DC360) has been providing a wealth of industry insights with its Top 500 Rankings. The Digital Commerce 360 rankings compares and ranks the leading online retailers along hundreds of data points through a collection of distinctive databases. Business leaders and consultants alike turn to the DC360 rankings for growth and sales figures on major players in the ecommerce industry, all compiled conveniently in one place.





Over the past several years, Digital Commerce 360’s rankings has been steadily increasing the number of databases they provide for users. With a larger amount of data to organize and display than ever before, critical site problems could no longer be ignored.

  • Due to the number of data fields and guides for users to switch to, the page load speed was extraordinarily slow. It took each page of the rankings an average of 20 seconds to load, and as the guide continued to expand further, indexing became troublesome.
  • The website was especially difficult for mobile users to navigate due to the amount of metrics being compared and the way the information was being presented. Users were faced with a wide, overwhelming table of rows and columns of data that simply wasn’t readable on mobile devices – a growing traffic source for the company.
  • With a clunky, outdated backend system, the database admin team had significant challenges making even simple updates to the databases. They had to constantly contact a vendor to make changes to the site, making the information not as timely as it could be.



With a product that relies heavily on search, Digital Commerce 360 needed a solution to make their rankings more sustainable for years to come. The company came to Hawksearch for a robust platform that would allow them to continue to expand to a wider audience without slowing down speed for users.


  • Thanks to the Hawksearch Elasticsearch platform, the DC360 databases experienced a 96% increase in average page load time. The increased speed allowed for even more data to be added into the system, giving the company the opportunity to provide even more ecommerce insights and enhance their product offerings.
  • The site is now responsive and optimized for both mobile and tablet devices, resulting in a greater level of usability for a larger percentage of their users. The Hawksearch interface also gives users added functionality and the ability to manipulate how database search results appear by adding or removing columns and filtering down by multiple data points.
  • The flexible and user-friendly Hawksearch dashboard gave DC360’s web team more control over database content and enabled them to seamlessly make changes to the site. Now the setup process for new databases is so simple that the company can do most of the work themselves, speeding up productivity.
bounce rate decrease
increase in new users
faster indexing speed

“Since implementing Hawksearch, our page load speed has increased dramatically, allowing us to expand and grow our online databases. Plus, the setup process to create a new database is so simple that our team can do 99.9% of the work on our own now, making the process much more efficient. The success of our guide depends heavily on search. Thanks to Hawksearch, we finally have a solution that will help us for years to come.”

                                        Teresa Covelli
Web Development Manager,
Digital Commerce 360