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County Website Transformed into Vital Information Hub through On-Site Search is the official government website for Cuyahoga County, Ohio, the second-most populous county in Ohio. With countless resources, the website is a major hub for millions of residents seeking vital services and information.


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Cuyahoga County had goals of improving the way information is presented to its citizens through an overarching modernization plan, but the county’s previous search function was missing the mark. Visitors come to the Cuyahoga County website to get information that will help them in their daily lives and administrators at the county were in search of a new tool that would help residents find what they need easier and more efficiently.

  • Much of the information visitors were seeking from, such as dog adoption services and voter registration forms, actually came from subsidiary websites. The county’s previous search platform lacked the ability to pull from all of those sources, leaving them with the daunting task of having to merge all of their related sites.

  • Search results on Cuyahoga County’s previous website weren’t relevant and accurate enough to serve the needs of county residents. Simple searches for common terms like “Jobs” or “Health” often returned 1000’s of results, many of which were unrelated to the services they were looking for. Cuyahoga County wanted the ability to have more control over which search queries return which results.

  • Navigating through search results on was cumbersome and difficult. There was no way for visitors to narrow their results and with several content types on the site, users needed a way to refine their search. On top of that, many residents came to in search of events and scheduled times for board meetings, but the event section had similar navigational issues.


To align with strategic priorities, Cuyahoga County needed a solution that would optimize and amplify their website’s on-site search so they could continue to serve as a resource for their residents. The county came to Hawksearch for its multi-site capabilities, relevant results, and optimized search navigation.


  • Residents no longer had to search between different websites to find what they were looking for. With Hawksearch’s federated search functionality, all of Cuyahoga County’s 90+ subsidiary website indexes were rolled into one, which provided a seamless experience for visitors. Even sites that were hosted on different content management systems were searchable, which transformed into a full-service information hub.

  • Thanks to Hawksearch, Cuyahoga County now provides a relevant and accurate search experience for users. With a built-in search algorithm, Hawksearch determines the most significant content item to present to visitors based on their search and previous user information. For added refinement, the county can create custom scenarios to amplify certain content items through Boost and Bury rules. Now, the top search results for common terms point residents in the right direction, which reduces clicks and increases overall user sentiment.

  • With Faceted Navigation, search results pages on were more user-friendly, allowing visitors to find the content they need with ease. Through the use of checkboxes on the sidebar, residents can further refine their search based on content category or publication date, plus, the pages are now responsive, serving the thousands of mobile users who also frequent the site.
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“We came to Hawksearch to meet our goal of providing more accessible information to our residents and the search platform has exceeded our expectations. Our website is now much more navigable and serves as an important resource for the county.”

- Cuyahoga County