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CDNN Sports Inc.

Delivering Relevant On-Site Search Results to Boost Customer Satisfaction

CDNN Sports Inc. is the largest wholesale liquidator of firearms and accessories in the U.S. They offer a wide selection of products for personal protection, hunting and recreational shooting. Historically the company has focused on inside sales and direct to consumer marketing through their catalog, but focus has shifted now that over 50% of their business is generated online.




  • Automatic Merchandising
  • Synonyms
  • Visitor Targets
  • Intelligent Facet Sorting
  • Faceted Navigation
  • User-friendly Merchandising
  • Workbench
  • Banner Campaigns


Jarrod VanBrocklin, Sales Manager/Buyer for CDNN, recognized the opportunity to grow the business exponentially through investing in a new ecommerce platform. In 2012 they migrated from Yahoo Stores to Magento and immediately saw a lift in overall revenue. While the Magento platform met their overall ecommerce needs, the CDNN team believed there was an opportunity to improve results and the customer experience by replacing the native on-site search function.

“Products were very difficult for visitors to find especially if the search query contained multiple terms such as product description and manufacturer. Instead of returning results specific to the manufacturer, they contained a combination of products and manufactures that were not relevant” explained VanBrocklin.



After completing the evaluation, CDNN selected Hawksearch due to its robust out-of-the-box search and navigation features, and in particular the e-merchandising tools.

“Hawksearch had the most user-friendly and robust merchandising tool set out of all of the solutions we looked at. In addition to the out-of-the-box search results relevancy, the admin panel was a key selling point for us,” elaborates VanBrocklin.

Thrilled with the improvement in the relevancy of the search results, the team at CDNN Sports Inc. rolled Hawksearch into production right before Black Friday, a time of year when most retailers would never consider implementing a major change. CDNN Sports Inc. used Hawksearch to highlight manufacturer rebate programs, which has been a big driver of sales and increased conversion rates. The company reported that they had the best online holiday season in the history of the company.


increase in monthly search sessions
higher conversion rate for site visitors, as compared to those who browsed by navigation