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C2G is a leading manufacturer of high-performance cabling and connectivity solutions. Founded in 1984 as Cables to Go, C2G provides end-to-end connectivity solutions serving a variety of markets–including corporate, digital signage, education, healthcare, home theater, and hospitality. In 2014, C2G joined Legrand, a leader in network infrastructure solutions, with products designed to support data center, building network or audio/video applications.


C2G’s previous search tool was cumbersome and difficult for their internal business users to use. They found it lacking in features and it wasn’t returning results in a way that made sense for their business logic or customers.

  • C2G sells thousands of cabling and connectivity solutions on its website with
    multiple product attributes such as length, color, and connector type. With
    such a large amount of facets for customers to search along, results were often
    incorrect and unrefined, and the company had no way of tailoring which
    products displayed with each query.
  • In addition to consumer sales, C2G also serves partners and distributors that are interested in buying products for resale. Oftentimes, the connectivity products that partners searched for were very specific, and their larger-than-average order totals were falsely influencing the recommendations that appeared. C2G needed a solution that worked for all of its customers.
  • From a technical standpoint, developers had minimal control over the search platform. If C2G developers needed to make a last-minute style or image change, they would have to work directly with their vendor, which limited what they were able to do from a design and user-experience standpoint


To address their challenges and increase conversions, C2G reviewed the market for a new search solution. They chose Hawksearch for its robust recommendations engine, merchandising tools, and developer-friendly environment.


  • With Hawksearch, users can now search for cables and connectivity solutions across multiple attributes. Results are now much more refined, and Faceted Navigation guides customers through the search experience with options to drill down through multiple categories to find a specific product.
  • C2G now has more control over which recommended items appear on product list pages and they can enable different strategies based on their business goals. Thanks to Hawksearch’s configurable and flexible Relevant Recommendations engine, C2G can recommend products based on brand name, trending searches, the category being viewed, or previous user actions, instead of simply showcasing the most-purchased items.
  • Developers at C2G now have the freedom to make a series of enhancements to their search interface with the use of customizable widgets and landing pages, powered by a Hawksearch API implementation. Catalog pages outside of search feature custom HTML refinements, driven from the API, paired along with product refinement widgets that use data from Hawksearch

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Conversion Increase


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The Hawksearch team has consistently lived up to our expectations. As a true partner, they are willing to work with us to either customize our application or expand their application based on our needs. We have seen the Hawksearch engine evolve over the years and the team shows no signs of slowing down. Hawksearch, as both an application and a partner, is a vendor that I’d recommend wholeheartedly.

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