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Berlin Packaging L.L.C.

Berlin Packaging L.L.C. is the leading seller of rigid packaging and industrial supplies.

Founded over 30 years ago, Berlin Packaging is the leading seller of rigid packaging and industrial supplies. The company’s large product line consists of bottles, vials, jugs, jars, drums, pails and boxes for every application. A vast number of businesses utilize Berlin’s containers internationally and ecommerce plays a significant role in the company’s continued success and growth.




  • Dynamic Marketing
  • SEO Influencer
  • Relevancy Tuning
  • Smart Insights
  • Faceted Navigation
  • Relevant Recommendations


During the past several years, Berlin Packaging’s sales have grown dramatically and their website has become a very important marketing, branding and sales channel. With tens of thousands of products with many different descriptions online, the company’s current on-site search engine didn’t fit their needs.

  • The type of products that Berlin Packaging offers can vary drastically from very large steel drums to 0.5 ounce vials, with several different colors and attributes. The company needed a way for customers to be able to search for the items they needed in an organized and easy to use fashion. Search result relevance is extremely important when managing such a diverse inventory of products.

  • The Berlin Packaging marketing team needed a dynamic and cohesive way to control and influence customers’ search results based on a variety of factors in alignment with the company’s own marketing and merchandising goals. Berlin’s on-site search tool would need to not only provide personalized and relevant search results for website shoppers, but also be able to help the company execute its own marketing initiatives.

  • Because the company has thousands of SKUs to choose from on their website, there was a significant need to keep inventories and pricing fresh and current. Any delays regarding search engine indexing of their site could cause serious interruption to their customers’ strategic planning and supply chain.


After completing a comprehensive survey of the onsite search solution marketplace, Berlin Packaging chose Hawksearch for its extremely fast auto-indexing, outstanding search relevance capabilities, and marketing dashboard tools.

“With thousands of products of such an enormous variety online, we needed a search partner that would organize our website in an uncomplicated and shopper-friendly fashion. Hawksearch has been a great solution for us, as now our customers can easily search for everything they need and also stay updated on current inventory levels. Hawksearch is also a great help in our marketing efforts, by providing tools that help us promote our campaigns and other sales efforts.”

- Rebecca Gummerson
Senior Director of Ecommerce