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Family Owned Farm Stores Create Great Online Experience Through Search

Over the past 50 years, Agri Supply, a family owned group of farm stores has expanded from originally offering a limited selection of tractor parts and accessories to now selling over 26,000 products. Aside from their retail locations in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Virginia, Agri Supply has grown its digital presence to supply online shoppers everything from hunting apparel to cooking supplies, farm machinery and more through their innovative website.





Always striving for an outstanding online experience for their visitors, Agri Supply encountered some challenges with their previous search tool, such as the below, that they were hoping their tool would overcome.

  • The site’s search tool didn’t deliver relevant, personalized results causing visitors to easily get lost on a webpage that offers thousands of products of such great variety.
  • The team did not have the adequate reporting functionality to ensure that their marketing strategies were giving customers the most effective and satisfactory visitor experience.
  • Their search solution was not serving as a multi-functional tool that can be used both online and offline. The team recognized that the Agri Supply website needed to be an effective sales tool for the associates at the brick and mortar locations as well.
  • The workbench they had utilized previously was not robust in functionality and did not provide the flexibility to allow the company’s marketing team to target visitors, create faceted navigation and utilize such features as recommendations and autocomplete.



After evaluating several major site search tools, Agri Supply selected Hawksearch because of its ease of implementation, highly relevant out-of-the-box results, merchandising tools and reporting features.

  • Since implementing Hawksearch, Agri Supply has seen a tremendous improvement in the relevancy of search results being returned to site visitors. Visitors have provided feedback that it is now much easier to find the specific products they are looking for, even when filling up their carts with items located from unrelated categories.
  • The Relevant Recommendations and Smart Autocomplete features have been extremely helpful in offering other purchase options as well as predicting what visitors want to see.
  • The robust reporting capabilities of Hawksearch have provided insight to evaluate the results of marketing strategies and other critical website data. The metrics dashboard has given an “at a glance” summary of key information that has help the team optimize in real-time.
  • The website is now a very successful sales tool for the associates in the store locations. The staff can now have easy access to inventory information, technical specifications about products and a wealth of other information that increases their knowledge and credibility with the customer.
  • The Agri Supply marketing team engages proactively in dynamic merchandising with powerful boost/bury rules, pinning and product spotlighting, visit targeting and landing page design.

“In addition to basic search functions, we wanted the ability to leverage both site-wide analytics and individual pieces of customer data, like location, to tailor the customer experience.”

Chris Barnes
Web Coordinator, Agri Supply