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Cultivating the Search Experience Needed to Find Premium Landscaping Supplies

A.M. Leonard, Inc. is a leading provider of horticultural tools and supplies who serves landscapers, growers, arborists and gardeners. A.M. Leonard serves a variety of visitors with different criteria for which products best suit their needs. The A.M. Leonard team recognized an opportunity to further improve the visitor experience by implementing an enhanced site search solution.




The A.M. Leonard team was faced with discovering how they can convert more with the traffic that they already had coming into their website. Their team was determined to address the following challenges:

  • Figure out how to deliver an improved search experience that would allow their visitors to find the right merchandise in a quick amount of time based on their own specific requirements.
  • Display a large selection of products based on the visitor’s own search parameters as this would likely increase the probability of more items being added to the shopping cart
  • Find a search tool that would provide the ability to refine results by multiple product attributes as brand, price, cutting capacity and other technical features.
  • Provide a unified experience for site visitors.



A.M. Leonard carries a wide variety of products, in which can be both pleasing and overwhelming to a site visitor at the same time. After implementing Hawksearch, site visitors were able to narrow down results specifically for what they were searching for from numerous facets, allowing them to quickly find the right product.

The company implemented Hawksearch in the month of May, which is a time when both conversion rate and average order size typically declines due to seasonality. However, after the implementation of Hawksearch, A.M. Leonard experienced a dramatic increase in conversion as a result of the improved site search technology.

“It was one of the smoothest implementations I’ve ever experienced and we’re thrilled with the results,” stated an A.M. Leonard team member.

One of the primary goals for the project was to increase the sales per visitor ratio by having visitors engage with the site search tool – this was a goal that was highly achieved.


increase in conversion rate for site search after implementing Hawksearch
increase for every visitor who used site search

"I didn't bother to look at any other solutions when we decided to pursue this project. Based on my previous experience, I went straight to Hawksearch. The team is great; they're easy to partner with, forward thinking and knowledgeable. I knew that Hawksearch would be a great choice and a good value."

A.M Leonard Team Member