Hawksearch Success Stories

Discover how sites utilize Hawksearch to have a competitive edge in delivering the best search experience.


Wrigleyville Sports

Hawksearch was implemented on all four websites and Wrigleyville Sports immediately saw improvements in search productivity, satisfied customers and assisted with  in-store sales experiences. The number of monthly searches completed across all the sites increased after Hawksearch was implemented.


CDNN Sports

CDNN Sports Inc. used Hawksearch to highlight manufacturer rebate programs, which has been a big driver of sales and increased conversion rates. The company reported that they had the best online holiday season in the history of the company.


Agri Supply

Since implementing Hawksearch, Agri Supply has seen a tremendous improvement in the relevancy of search results being returned to site visitors. Visitors have provided feedback that it is now much easier to find the specific products they are looking for, even when filling up their carts with items located from unrelated categories.


A.M. Leonard

The company implemented Hawksearch in the month of May, which is a time when both conversion rate and average order size typically declines due to seasonality. However, after the implementation of Hawksearch, A.M. Leonard experienced a dramatic increase in conversion as a result of the improved site search technology.


Sweetwater Sound

Hawksearch provided an advanced marketing workbench that enabled Sweetwater to creatively control boost rules, enhance side navigation and fully maximize the use of facets. As a result of implementing Hawksearch, Sweetwater has seen over a 5% conversion rate year over year.

Logo_forward_State_Electric copy

State Electrical Supply Co.

State Electric Supply Co. carefully reviewed the capabilities of several search tool products and chose Hawksearch for its extremely accurate search results, powerful marketing workbench and effective use of facets in the site's category navigation. Online shoppers now enjoy a much more intuitive and user friendly search experience.

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