Advanced On-Site Search for Salesforce Lightning

Hawksearch for Salesforce Lightning provides tailor fit search experiences to optimize productivity for employees and also return relevant, meaningful search results for customers.

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Why High Powered Search For Salesforce Lightning is Critical

On-site search is the most effective pathway to connecting users with the information they need to find in Salesforce Lightning.

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning brings Salesforce Lightning content to life by creating highly personalized and satisfying search results for employees and customers.
  • Federated Search feature delivers search results from across the entire Salesforce Lightning ecosystem, no matter where it lives.
  • Smart Autocomplete helps searchers find what they are looking for by anticipating needs and completing search phrases for them. The Relevant Recommendations tool expands users’ search parameters by suggesting additional content or products in search results.
  • Customizable analytics dashboard helps businesses determine what search data is most important to them for serving customers and optimizing employee productivity.