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Introducing Intelligent Search

Sites with a large number of articles can lean more on the learning ability function to self-adjust relevance. For sites that require tighter editorial control, you can utilize Boost and Bury rules within the business user workbench.
Enterprise Search Workbench

Be Engaged 

The Hawk Search Dashboard can be configured to fit your report needs. Save time and have the dashboard emailed to you on a regular basis. In addition to the technology, our Strategic Account Managers provide personal guidance through monthly insights or retainer hours.

Here are three key features:

Mobile Experience

Cater to all devices.  With built-in support for Responsive Design and access to APIs, maintain a unified experience for your visitors. 

SEO Impact

Control how your Hawk Search-driven pages get indexed by search engine crawlers. User-generated landing pages and an effortless sitemap engine support your SEO strategies.

Predictive Recommendations

Keep you pages fresh with this always-relevant dynamic content and utilize 13 different strategies to promote content to your visitors.


  • "It was one of the smoothest implementations I’ve ever experienced and we’re thrilled with the results."
    - Neil Roble, Director of Marketing, A.M. Leonard

Over 200 enterprise search features including: