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Hawksearch provides advanced search engine features that are the building blocks for delivering personalized, accurate, and relevant results for today's consumers skilled in search.  

Hawksearch is for every...


Every industry today has its own unique characteristics and challenges. In today's intensely competitive online environment, your site's search engine tool plays a critical role in getting the right information to the right audience - all at the right time.

Regardless of the type of industry or size of business, Hawksearch is able to provide an extremely personalized and relevant serch experience by using cutting-edge technology to customize the results your visitors see. This kind of tailor-made experience will result in increased conversions and visitor engagement.


Hawksearch is platform agnostic and will seamlessly integrate with any site that runs on WordPress, BigCommerce, iDev, Kentico, Magento, ROC commerce, Sitecore, Sitefinity, Hybris, Adobe and many more. There have been many successful implementations on home grown and custom platforms as well.

Hawksearch delivers an extremely relevant and personalized search experience for your site visitors, while giving you the flexibility to utilize the platform of your choice.

Your Custom Platform

Whether you've built on .NET, Java, or Open-Source Hawksearch can integrate with any code base.

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I am a Marketer

I want my search engine to deliver targeted messaging through managed campaigns for promotions, featured content and special marketing efforts. With Hawksearch's robust marketing focused features, I am able to easily create rich visitor experiences. These experiences result in impacting conversions through search.

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I am a Merchandiser

I want my products to be successfully curated to increase sales and merchandise complementary products. Utilizing placement strategies, I am able to boost and bury results, strategically place products through pinning and deliver intelligent, relevant recommendations.

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I am a Developer

I want to implement a robust search engine solution that integrates smoothly with my website. Hawksearch eliminates my prior time-consuming efforts of indexing sources of information and configuring the search experience. My merchandising and marketing teams no longer need to heavily depend on me, which allows me additional time to focus on improving the core features of the site.