A site search solution is no longer an optional feature, it’s an expectation. Hawk Search gives your visitors the experience to find exactly what they want.  Across our customers' different industries, we can help find the right gift to buy a friend, the most relevant PDF file to download, or the in-stock product to finish a construction job.

How will you use Hawk Search?

E-Merchandising Suite
for B2C E-Commerce

Hawk Search delivers a top-notch experience to meet and exceed the modern day shopper's expectations. Empower a team with merchandising tools that provide more relevant and effective results.  

Key features are:

  • Intelligent Search
  • Predictive Recommendations
  • SEO Impact

E-Merchandising Suite
for B2B E-Commerce

Hawk Search provides a tailored B2B e-merchandising suite that enhances the shopping experience to increase conversions and boost sales. Access the built-in B2C features along with B2B-specific capabilities:

Key features are:

  • B2B Intelligent Search
  • Account Segmentation
  • 1:1 Merchandising

Enterprise Search
for Online Publishers

Find key information from disparate systems quick and easy, while meeting challenges like disconnected data, increased volume of content creation, incomplete analysis, business inefficiency, and compliance risks.

Key features are:

  • Smart Autocomplete
  • Index Everything
  • Mobile Experience

Why Hawk?

Hawk Search offers innovative solutions to deliver a more relevant and effective customer experience. Hawk can easily be integrated with just about any platform. It's scalable and designed to handle millions of transactions with sub second response time. Hawk Search’s SaaS and on-premise solutions allow you to grow at your own pace. Hawk Search customers have reported a 30% increase in the number of visitors using site search.