I am a Merchandiser

I want my products to be successfully curated to increase sales and merchandise complementary products. Utilizing placement strategies, I am able to boost and bury results, strategically place products through pinning and deliver intelligent, relevant recommendations.


Three Advantages for Merchandisers


Audience Segmentation

I can segment my audience based upon their physical location, what time they’re visiting, the device they’re using, and custom integrated data.


Visual Merchandising

I can visually interact with my results for any searched phrase to merchandise based on my preferences


Landing Page Management

Dynamic page creation based on your specifically chosen criteria, with the full merchandising features available to boost, bury, pin and recommend specific products.

Accelerate your merchandising efforts on your store today with Hawksearch.


Dynamic Marketing
Smart Autocomplete
Smart Insights
Relevant Recommendations
Dynamic Marketing
Smart Autocomplete
Smart Insights
Relevant Recommendations

Hawksearch had the cleanest merchandising functionality out of all the site search products we evaluated, The user interface is very friendly and will make it much easier for us to keep our merchandising and promotions fresh and relevant.

  • wrigleyville-sports
    Eric Castellucci

    Online Marketing Manager for Wrigleyville Sports 

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