I am a Marketer

I want my search engine to deliver targeted messaging through managed campaigns for promotions, featured content and special marketing efforts. With Hawksearch’s robust marketing focused features, I am able to easily create rich visitor experiences. These experiences result in impacting conversions through search.


Three Advantages for Marketers


Audience Segmentation

 I can segment my audience based upon their physical location, what time they’re visiting, the device they’re using, and custom integrated data.  


Data Driven Decisions

Evaluating searches, clicks and visitor engagement through customizable reporting, I can make intelligent decisions based on identified customer trends.


Campaign Management

I can create campaigns that leverage dynamic landing pages, merchandising banners, and custom components that can be placed anywhere throughout my site.

Experience the power of delivering search on your terms.


Dynamic Marketing

Utilize a proactive set of tools that amplifies your marketing plan to effectively interact with visitors. Dynamic Marketing empowers businesses to strategically guide a visitors experience with specific search queries.

  • Boost and Bury Rules
  • Pinning
  • Content Spotlighting
  • Landing Pages

Smart Insights

Online visitors want rapid, relevant results that are tailored to their specific needs. Smart Insights provides the ability to focus results through different strategies to accomplish this for your visitors.

  • Visitor Targets
  • Machine Learning
  • Popularity Boost

SEO Influencer

Utilize powerful tools to affect SEO for relevant products, categories and content when indexed by any search engine crawler.

  • Sitemaps
  • Exclusion Control
  • Popular Searches
  • Facet Expansion for Spiders


Knowledge is power. See what your users are finding or more importantly, not finding. Reporting provides real-time insight into search trends and interactions.

  • Customizable Dashboard
  • Over 15 Configureable Reports
  • Integrate with External Reporting

Improve how your customers search today.

Let us show you just how powerful delivering the right results can be.