Leverage REST API, Content Management Systems and On-Site Search

I am a developer. I want to implement a robust search engine solution that integrates smoothly with my website. Hawksearch eliminates my prior time-consuming efforts of indexing sources of information and configuring the search experience. My merchandising and marketing teams no longer need to heavily depend on me, which allows me additional time to focus on improving the core features of the site.

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Three Advantages for Developers


Hawksearch's flexible JSON based REST API allows me to integrate easily with my content management or ecommerce platform. I can easily configure rules for my site without logging into the dashboard to create a seamless experience for my marketing team.

Application Tailored Customization

While taking advantage of Hawksearch’s SaaS solution, I have the flexibility to customize based on my organization’s needs. I can merge data from multiple sources to make all content on my site easily accessible and searchable. To deliver a great visitor experience, I can customize not only the search but the browsing experience as well.

SEO Website - Optimized!

I can create campaigns that leverage dynamic landing pages, merchandising banners, and custom components that can be placed anywhere throughout my site.

Experience the power of delivering search on your terms.

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Developer Features

  • Delivery Method
  • Reporting
  • SEO Influencer
  • Search UI/Guided Navigation
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Delivery Method

Based on your hosting requirements, choose between two possible tracks. Both provide reliable, secure and fast experiences for accessible search implementations.

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Knowledge is power. See what your users are finding or more importnatly, not finding. Reporting provides real-time insight into search trends and interactions.

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SEO Influencer

Utilize powerful tools to affect SEO for relevant products, categories and content when indexed by any search engine crawler.

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Search UI/Guided Navigation

Create responsive user interfaces to interact with search results on any device. Provide control for visitors to choose how to view results of their search.

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