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People who interact with publishers online want to find the items that are important to them. Hawksearch enables your searchers the ability to quickly get to publications by delivering relevant search results in an easy to use format.


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Learn how Hawksearch can connect your publications to the right readers.

Three Advantages for Publishers

Getting to the Good Part

Getting to the Good Part

Hawksearch empowers your site visitors to search via organized categories and other refining filters to access exactly the results they want to see.

Relevant Recommendations

Search Driven Selling Tools

Relevant Recommendations (add-on) allows you to offer similar content to your visitors as suggestions for purchase, which can boost revenue and encourage repeat buying. Smart Autocomplete takes the guess work out of searching by finishing for the visitor the title of a publication or name of an author.

Modernized Search Marketing

Content Spotlighting

Hawksearch provides publishers the ability to feature/highlight specific publications at the most effective times. Banner campaigns are also a very powerful way to draw attention to certain items.

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