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SKU Selector Grid

Similar to variant logic, HawkSearch is able to feature a grid of variant or child SKUs in relation to the selected parent SKU. HawkSearch allows clients to show child products where platforms like Bigcommerce and Magento don’t.
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Platform Support / Connectors

HawkSearch’s connectors integrate easily with most platforms and increase conversions through advanced search, personalization, recommendations, and navigation.
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An easy-to-use interface to manage merchandising and provide actionable insights about their customers behaviors and buying habits. Create responsive user interfaces to interact with search results on any device. Provide control for visitors to choose how to view results of their search.

Key Features


Create custom landing pages that utilize search display functionality and ultimately drive an innovative search experience.
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Speed to Deploy / SDKs

UI SDKs available that consume the JSON thereby allowing you to quick start development and build out components faster.
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