An e-commerce site search solution is no longer an optional feature, it’s a customer expectation. Hawk Search technology is agnostic and delivers a scalable and flexible software solution that transforms site search and merchandising into a Customer Experience Management (CXM) platform.

  • 40% of purchasing visitors use site search at least once
  • 94% of shoppers click through between one and ten products on a search results page
  • 35% of website activity is site search
  • According to a Jupiter Research Study, 80% of site visitors will abandon because of a poor search experience

Why Hawk?

  • Dynamic Navigation

    Make it easier for site visitors to find the products that are most relevant. Hawk Search’s dynamic navigation dynamically builds navigation based on product attributes within a category or product type. Results are continuously fine-tuned based on visitor behavior.

  • Personalized Site Search

    Personalized search learns as your visitors shop and personalizes the results based on their behavior. Hawk Search transforms an ordinary experience into a personalized customer experience by analyzing the choices visitors make as they search and navigate through your online catalog.

  • 1 to 1 Merchandising

    Your merchandising team will enjoy the easy-to-use tools that enable them to manage the customer experience and create personalized promotions through intelligent search results ranking and rich banner campaigns.

  • SEO Booster

    Hawk Search was designed with search engine optimization in mind. Search engine friendly URLs are an out-of-the box feature and SEO Booster generates unique search engine friendly URLs for search results pages.

  • Site Search for Mobile

    Make sure your site is ready to be “on the go” with your customers. Enjoy seamless integration with your current online catalog, an intuitive interface, and advanced search functionality.

  • Visitor Targets

    Target search results with exceptional precision through Visitor Targets technology. Use visitor location and custom visitor parameters to dynamically optimize the entire shopping experience.

  • Multi-language Features

    Hawk Search supports over 30 languages, out of the box. Give visitors the option of viewing the website in a different language or default the language based on their location.

  • Dynamic Landing Pages

    Dynamically deliver the most relevant content based either on internal site navigation or how a visitor arrived at your site. This feature provides a great way to optimize the performance of AdWords and email campaigns by customizing the landing page to match the campaign message.

  • Content Publishing

    Promote, highlight, and optimize the content on your site based on visitor behavior and what’s trending. Deliver the right article, video, and banner ads to the right visitor at the right time.

  • Site search implementation gaps: