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See how Hawksearch can improve your on-site visual merchandising.

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Digital Marketing

Improve digital marketing efforts with Hawksearch. Improve your site search experience with the many features of Hawksearch.

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Machine Learning

Every visitor, interaction, click and abandoned search are tracked and analyzed

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Popularity Boost

Increase the weight of auto-generated popularity in place of relevancy to impact the results shown to visitors

Why Choose Hawksearch?

Marketers want their landing pages for their online stores to be highly focused on giving customers the best online shopping experience possible in order to sell more and convert visitors into customers. Hawksearch provides robust marketing-focused features and easily creates rich visitor experiences. See how Hawksearch can help increase conversion rates and average order value through on-site search.

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Online Visual Merchandising Tools for Marketers


Audience Segmentation

Hawksearch can segment audiences based upon their physical location, what time they’re visiting, the device they’re using, and custom integrated data.  


Data Driven Decisions

Evaluating searches, clicks and visitor engagement through customizable reporting, Hawksearch can make intelligent decisions based on identified customer trends.


Campaign Management

Hawksearch can create campaigns that leverage dynamic landing pages, merchandising banners, and custom components that can be placed anywhere throughout a site.

Increase conversions with Hawksearch


"Hawksearch had the cleanest merchandising functionality out of all the site search products we evaluated, The user interface is very friendly and will make it much easier for us to keep our merchandising and promotions fresh and relevant."

  • wrigleyville-sports
    Eric Castellucci

    Online Marketing Manager for Wrigleyville Sports 

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