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See how Hawksearch can improve your on-site search and conversion rates.

Why Choose Hawksearch?

Add search on your site and improve conversion rates through on-site search. Utilize past user behavior to show relevant results in the search box to increase average order value.

  • Customize Search for Your Unique Business
  • Better Search Results through Artificial Intelligence
  • Utilizes Machine Learning to Improve Search
  • Easy to use for E-Commerce, Marketers & Merchandisers
  • Target Audience by Location, Time of Day, or Device
  • Accurate On-Site Search Results Improves Conversions
  • Reach Customers with Highly Personalized Search

With 400+ implementations, Hawksearch can help your visitors find what they are looking for as quickly as possible and help grow your business.

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machine learning

Machine Learning

Planning for the future means automating merchandising and marketing efforts through machine learning. Search behavior of every visitor, interaction, click and abandoned carts are tracked and analyzed to maximize conversions on ecommerce sites.


  • Leave manual efforts behind
  • Automate merchandising efforts
  • Capture visitor search terms to identify new words/phrases
  • Decipher user behavior on search results pages
  • Adaptive search using artificial intelligence
  • Increase conversions through programmatic learning
  • Improve user experience through optimized search functionality

Popularity Boost

Increase the weight of auto-generated popularity in place of relevancy to impact the results shown to visitors.


  • Ability to turn off popularity impact, but still track
  • Tracks number of search queries, clicks and position
  • Utilized by category pages where relevance has no impact
  • Advanced conversion optimization techniques
  • Advanced search feature for an improved website search experience
  • Boost product recommendations based on promotions
popularity boost

"Hawksearch allows us to customize our on-site search experience. Now search relevance is only ever a few clicks away!"

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