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Your institution of higher learning has a lot to offer that distinguishes it from the competition. Since so many prospective students access information about your school from the Internet, your website must highlight what is unique about your institution. A powerful site search solution is key to communicating your special academic offerings in an organized and easy to access format.


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Let an outstanding search experience showcase how your institution stands out.

Three Advantages for Higher Education

Federated Search

Federated Search

Integrate Hawksearch across multiple platforms that your prospective students, current students or faculty engage with on a daily basis. Deliver a satisfying user experience through a unified search results page, identifying the different systems, categories and other facets.

Modernized Search Marketing

Modernized Search Marketing

Hawksearch provides educational institutions the ability to promote specific programs and happenings at the most effective times. Banner campaigns are also a very powerful way to draw attention to campus events.

Enhance the Search UX

Improved User Experience

Hawksearch greatly improves the overall site experience by avoiding visitor frustration coming from the inability to find desired information. Through personalization, deliver a unique experience for each visitor based on prior searched terms or other interactions.

Improve how your customers search today.

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