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With the shift in Healthcare being focused on wellness to ensure healthy people, the amount of content that is available is exponentially increasing.  With that comes difficulty in finding the right information for an individuals’ health needs.  Hawksearch delivers a personalized search experience to wellness consumers, patients and healthcare professionals, based on their preferences. 


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Three Advantages for Healthcare

Enhance the Search UX

Enhance the Search UX

A great search experience starts with the interface that visitors interact with.  Hawksearch provides the ability to customize the search experience, autocomplete, and display of facets.

Find a Doctor

Find a Doctor/Location

Hawksearch powers more than just your site search. Visitor experiences are delivered while accomplishing the integration of data for specific functionality into the overall search experience.



Knowing that visitors have specific needs, Hawksearch can aide in the personalization efforts to deliver relevant content based on interactions to improve the visitor experience.

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