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Efficient Search

The role of Government is to conduct the business of the people. The internet has completely changed the way people interact with governmental agencies. Nearly all the information conveyed by a governmental body is now accessed online. Hawksearch allows governments the ability to allow citizens to search an enormous amount of material in an organized and easy to access interface.


Driving search for...


Let us show you how to better serve the public with easy to use, relevant and effective search.

Three Advantages for Government

Relevant Filters

Refine Results Easily

Drive relevancy by fine tuning which fields, key words or other identifiers will trigger the search results returned. Never miss the intent of site visitors by loading.

Point People in the Right Direction

Point People in the Right Direction

Ensure relevant search results are returned even when users misspell words or type in disjointed/incomplete queries.

Intelligent Results

Intelligent Results

Hawksearch continually improves search accuracy through machine learning, that can track visitor patterns, most viewed content and more.

Improve how your customers search today.

Let us show you just how powerful delivering the right results can be.