Hawksearch Forum 2019

The 2019 Hawksearch Forum was a great success! Below you will find the session recordings and presentations we went through for your reference.


Hawksearch Welcome Address

We kicked off the day with a welcome address from Hawksearch owners, Mike and Tony Svanascini. Last year’s accomplishments were discussed along with what’s to come in 2019!

Keynote Speaker - Ken Au, Abt Electronics

Our keynote speaker for the 2019 Forum was Hawksearch client, Ken Au from Abt Electronics. Ken spoke about the company history, the state of their ecommerce presence, and how Hawksearch has played a pivotal role in the success of their user experience.

How to Elevate Your Search Strategy

In this session, we explored the customer’s search experience and how you can optimize that with the tools of Hawksearch. A highlight of best practices will ensure you can take your search strategy to the next level.

Elasticsearch – Big Brother of Lucene

In this session, attendees came away with an understanding of why Hawksearch chose Elasticsearch. Attendees were able to see a dive into the Hawksearch architecture using Elasticsearch, including a sneakpeek into the indexing and the search API, and some basic querying concepts with Elastic.

More than just a Buzzword: Recommendations in 2019

Recommendations may seem like it’s only made up of buzz words, or only available to the big business with a large staff. In this presentation, we showed attendees the truth behind the buzzwords, discuss statistics that show how impactful recommendations can be, and provide a demonstration of Hawksearch’s Recommendation tools.

Optimizing Your Tracking for Recommendations & New Strategies

Discover the recommendations and tracking architecture for Hawksearch. Attendees learned what is necessary to get Hawksearch tracking working as expected so it can be used for fine tuning recommendations. Attendees also got a look into some of the advanced strategies Hawksearch is planning on introducing this year.

The UX of Search

Do you know what your user’s needs and intentions are when it comes to search? In this co-led session with Hawksearch partner Americaneagle.com, attendees learned more about how search complements the user experience and increases the speed of conversions.

Keywords, Synonyms, and Data – Oh My! A Marketer’s Guide to Merchandising & Influencing Search

Hawksearch provides a number of tools to help influence your search – but how do you know what tool to use, and when you should it? Business Analyst Stephanie Brudvik, with special guest client speaker Do It Best, detangled the web of options and features available to help attendees easily merchandise and influence search results.

Examining SEO & Search – How One Influences the Other

This session highlights key differences when it comes to SEO and on-site search. Top questions were answered related to SEO, such as: What are the SEO pitfalls to avoid when designing search pages? How important is content? How do I best use the SEO influencer tool? And much more! Attendees walked away learning how to test with tools to confirm if your changes are working.

Knowledge is Never Boring: Leveraging Data Within Hawksearch Reports

Having access to in-depth reporting is essential to understanding how your site visitors are interacting with search. In this presentation, Lance Bohrnell and Jonathan Meyer, walked through the reports, but also discussed lessons that can be learned from reporting and actions that can be taken with that knowledge.

Speed Does Matter – How to Measure, Optimize, and Monitor your Search API

During this session, Mitch Kresca, Director of Implementations, discussed how to best design your search, navigation, landing page experience for speed. This session covered all the most important components that affect the performance on search related pages. Mitch discussed speed for recommendations, using application performance monitoring tools to identify bottle necks, and identifying the best ways to troubleshoot Hawksearch Javascript for rendering speeds.

Hawksearch Product Roadmap: Looking into the Crystal Ball


During this session, attendees found out what the future holds for Hawksearch in 2019. Attendees learned details about the product roadmap and what users can expect to see rolled out in upcoming months. The recording of this session is not available due to confidential information.