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Polish Data to Precision

Enrich, cleanse, and normalize data to streamline your results with Search Information Management

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Normalizing Data Across Your Systems

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Broaden reach, visibility, and drive traffic. HawkSearch synchronizes and distributes product data across multiple platforms or marketplaces.
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Customized Analyzers

HawkSearch data analyzers evaluates both visitor search terms and product data for maximum effectiveness. Built-in HawkSearch analyzers allow visitors to enter a variety of custom search descriptions and still be recognized by the search engine.
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Codeless Workflows

Create and automate flexible workflows to connect business productivity solutions—without the code.

Detail-Focused Data Tools

Unit of Measure Conversion

HawkSearch finally solves the unit of measure conversion problem by normalizing data in search terms so phrases such as “24 inches”, “24 in”, and “2 foot” all return the same results. HawkSearch further connects the product data and converts it at the same time to remove discrepancies that would return an inaccurate response.
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Complex SKU Support

HawkSearch is the only unified search, recommendation, and data normalization platform for “complex commerce” that can effectively handle high volumes of products/SKUs.
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Data Enrichment

HawkSearch enriches product data with relevant, accurate, and up-to-date information to assist buyers with product selection and increase chances that searchers land on your site.
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HawkSearch's Search Information Manager normalizes the base product data and marries it to a schematic normalization of the phrases that site visitors use to search.
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No More Customers Lost in the Sea of Products

Hawksearch is an intelligent search and recommendations platform that powers success for any size business across all industries.

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