Smart Insights

Online visitors want rapid, relevant results that are tailored to their specific needs. Smart Insights provides the ability to focus results through different strategies to accomplish this for your visitors.

Visitor Targets

Create conditional display rules to use when displaying search results based on implicit or explicit attributes known about the visitor.


  • Identify where the visitor has navigated from
  • Utilize browser information
  • Location based targeting by IP address (GEOIP)
  • Integrate custom criteria
  • Specify time of day
Visitor Targets

Machine Learning

Planning for the future means automating merchandising and marketing efforts through machine learning. Every visitor, interaction, click and abandoned search are tracked and analyzed to maximize conversions.


  • Leave manual efforts behind
  • Automate merchandising efforts
  • Capture visitor search queries to identify new words/phrases
  • Decipher user behavior
  • Increase conversions through programmatic learning

Popularity Boost

Increase the weight of auto-generated popularity in place of relevancy to impact the results shown to visitors.


  • Ability to turn off popularity impact, but still track
  • Tracks number of searches, clicks and position
  • Utilized by category pages where relevance has no impact
Popularity Boost

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