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Traffic Builder

Auto-create landing pages to drive more traffic to your trending products. Traffic Builder learns which keywords have the highest conversion rates to create and saturate new landing pages with the keyword. This tells Google that this landing page is the go-to whenever anyone searches for the keyword.
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On-Page SEO

In addition to HawkSearch's current traffic builder tool, WooRank’s suite of SEO tools increase website visibility to reach your customers online.
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SEO Influencer is designed to strategically create an automated and expansive sitemap that represents relevant landing pages exposing long-tail keywords. Scanning the live HawkSearch engine for active search landing pages and specified facet combinations generates SEO friendly sitemaps.
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Dynamic Landing Pages

Create unlimited landing pages that:
Return faster results that are contextually relevant
Enable discovery of long tail content
Increase traffic through targeted keywords
Funnel visitors from strategic digital channels

Location-Based Results

Geo search is an important asset when trying to target campaigns and leverage customers based on geographic location. GEOIP lookup uses customer’s locations to drive location-based traffic and display product availability based on region for multi-site retailers. This feature also allows you to boost products for sale or launch campaigns and banners for customers in certain locations to see.
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Learn to utilize SEO tools and strategies to better optimize your website's content and boost your ranking on Google's search engine results page.

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