SEO Influencer

Utilize powerful tools to affect SEO for relevant products, categories and content when indexed by any search engine crawler.


SEO Influencer is designed to strategically create an automated and expansive sitemap that represents relevant landing pages exposing long-tail keywords. Scanning the live Hawksearch engine for active search landing pages and specified facet combinations generates SEO friendly sitemaps.


Exclusion Control

Exclude facet combinations that have a negative impact on SEO indexing. For example:


  • Color, brand
  • Brand, style
  • Material, vintage

Popular Searches

Leverage previously captured data from your most popular searches and send that information to the primary search engines to drive additional traffic and higher page rankings. Control the quantity and date range of the popular searches delivered.


Facet Expansion for Spiders

Create additional descriptive facets that enable major search engines to crawl for more detail, leading to higher page rankings.

Example of multiple facets URL structure:

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