Search UI / Guided Navigation

Create responsive user interfaces to interact with search results on any device. Provide control for visitors to choose how to view results of their search.

Faceted Navigation

Control how the navigation panel of your site will appear to visitors and what facets will be presented to guide them in the search experience. Narrow down results within established fields based on visitors’ selections. Control the functionality of the facets displayed through:


  • Automated ordering based on number of clicks
  • Manual ordering control
  • Choose facet type:
    • Checkbox list
    • Link List
    • Nested Checkbox
    • Nested Link List
    • Rating
    • Size
    • Swatch
  • And more!

Mobile Capability

Search results adapt to any device screen size. Hawksearch is fully optimized for mobile device interaction, both from speed and functionality, with a search experience that works great on iOS and Android devices.


Custom Layouts

Empower creativity by not being limited to rigid templates for category listing and search page design layouts. Create unique landing pages that utilize search display functionality and ultimately drive an innovative search experience.


Pagination & Sorting

Define pagination and sorting values that apply to every search. Pagination provides full control over how many query results are returned. Custom sorting options can be added so the most relevant presentation of information, based on the visitors needs, are displayed.

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