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Solving Common Data Problem Areas

Solving The Previously Unsolvable

Closing The Gap Between Data Inconsistencies & Your Customers’ Search Journeys.

Whether product data is coming directly from a spreadsheet, a PIM or an ERP system, there are always inconsistencies and unsolved data problems that ultimately find their way into the search indexing process that break down your site visitors’ search result and relevancy quality.

The Hawksearch Search Information Manager (SIM) augments PIM and ERP systems to further normalize and cleanse remaining data problems before reaching the search engine indexing stage. By normalizing data problems not able to be resolved by a PIM or ERP, your visitors’ search experiences are much more meaningful, effective and satisfying.

Data, Semantic & Industry Specific Analyzers

Recent industry surveys indicate that a critical component of any ecommerce or content-based website is its search functionality. By utilizing Data, Semantic and Industry Specific Analyzers, Hawksearch SIM is able to enrich, cleanse and normalize product data to a new, unprecedented level. Our data analyzers evaluate both visitor search terms and product data for maximum effectiveness.

Solving Common Data Problem Areas

Some of the chronic, data inconsistencies that a PIM, ERP or the use of synonyms cannot solve include:

  • Fraction Detection - ½ = .5 or ¾ = .75
  • How Searchers Measure – 14/16 = 7/8 = .875
  • Symbols of Measurement – 1 inch vs. 1” vs. 1in or volt vs. –volt or amp vs. –amp
  • Measurement Phrasing – 6 inches vs. half a foot
  • Part number inconsistencies – dashes vs. no dashes
  • SKU Issues – the number “zero” vs. the letter “O”

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