SEO Impact

Support your SEO strategy with these built-in features:

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SEO Booster

You can't predict every search term that a visitor types into your search box. SEO Booster creates user-generated landing pages from these "unknowable" search terms so that your products gain visibility. Crawlers such as Google and Bing then index your site's new entry points that were previously hidden.


Generate a sitemap that covers all Hawk Search-driven pages, including dynamic landing pages, deep-linked pages, and SEO Booster pages all in one process. The Sitemap Engine builds automatically and honors canonical URL best practices and are easily managed through the business user workbench.

SEO Friendly

Our User Interface integration options provide full support over SEO-friendly techniques. Features such as friendly-faceted navigation, pagination, and meta description management remove the need to catch up with Google—the flexibility of SEO Impact allows Hawk Search to keep up with the algorithms of the search engines.

The Value of Hawk

Site search results can be exceptionally precise based on visitor attributes, such as geographic location, source of the visit, and other demographic information. Merchandisers can also take an ownership approach and fully control what products display and in the desired exact order, creating endless options and opportunities for engagement. This unified shopping experience improves conversion rates across the board for customers.