Knowledge is power. See what your users are finding or more importantly, not finding. Reporting provides real-time insight into search trends and interactions. Continuously optimize search experiences through data driven decisions.

Customizable Dashboard

Drive decision making and strategy with a robust dashboard that identifies real search patterns and immediately pinpoint which search terms, results, and interactions impact conversions. Modify the reporting dashboard to display the reports based on your specific needs, from date ranges to display – to the type of visualization used – you control the experience. 


Over 15 Configurable Reports

Out of the box, Hawksearch provides numerous reports that are focused on analyzing key search data from different perspectives. Utilize these reports to make data-driven decisions to optimize site search results for visitors to increase conversions.  


Integrate with External Analytics

With the ability to setup Google Analytics to track site search, regular site performance reporting can include search activity as well. Hawksearch data can be integrated into an external analytics tool, such as Microsoft Power BI, for advanced reporting capabilities.


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