Relevancy Tuning

Returning search results without relevance quickly leads to dissatisfaction. Benefit from insights captured from prior search activity and refine results to increase relevancy.

Tuning Control

Drive relevancy by fine tuning which data fields, keywords or other identifiers will influence the search results returned. Individual fields can be configured by selecting from advanced options.

Tuning Control


Group common search terms together, so that regardless of differences in vocabulary, visitors will always find the right content.


Spell-Check/ Did You Mean

Visitors are often in a hurry, causing the potential for typos and misspellings to be high. Instead of guessing which mistakes are being made, Hawksearch’s context-aware algorithm identifies the intent and utilizes a “Did You Mean” experience preventing an undesirable experience of zero-results.

Tuning Keyword Replacement

Keyword Replacement

Override specific terms in a visitors’ search query when the same, exact results for different terms are relevant. For example, searching for “flash light” and “flashlight” can return different results due to the following:


  • Data may be inconsistent (e.g. include items that match on "flash light" and others that match on "flashlight")
  • When searching for the phrase, "flash light," Hawksearch will search for results that match on either "flash" or "light"

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