Predictive Recommendations

Extend the reach of Hawk Search beyond your site search results.  Our Predictive Recommendations feature combines our proven machine-learning technology with the full control of the Hawk Search Workbench to drive merchandising site-wide.  

Predictive Product Recommendations

We understand the merchandiser—we know every site is different and options are needed.  Powered by the individual, the broad customer base, and everything in between, Hawk Search delivers Product Recommendations that are insightful, intelligent, and definitely relevant.


Predictive Content Recommendations

Breathe life into your content by exposing what is relevant and tailored for your visitor.  Blogs, articles, and documents can be recommended to a visitor at scale.  Remove the need to make editorial decisions on what content to spotlight.  Utilize real-time and past data points to showcase the content your visitors want.



Over 13+ Recommendation Strategies Available Including


The Value of Hawk

Site search results can be exceptionally precise based on visitor attributes, such as geographic location, source of the visit, and other demographic information. Merchandisers can also take an ownership approach and fully control what products display and in the desired exact order, creating endless options and opportunities for engagement. This unified shopping experience improves conversion rates across the board for customers.


  • "It was one of the smoothest implementations I’ve ever experienced and we’re thrilled with the results."
    - Neil Roble, Director of Marketing, A.M. Leonard