Dynamic Navigation

Consistency between Search and Navigation provides the best customer experience and results in faster findability and increased conversions.

There are two kinds of visitors, searchers and browsers:

  • Searchers use the site search function to find products by entering a term in the search box, then using search navigation to refine their results.
  • Browsers use top-level category navigation to browse through product listings through the menu structure.

Although visitors may start with one approach, it is common for visitors to use both types of navigation during a visit, which means it is especially important to provide a consistent experience across your website.


As visitors perform site searches, more than one page of results may be returned.  Facet Navigation allows visitors the ability to refine the results to get to what they need.  Choices such as color, brand, and price are exposed so that discovering is quick and intuitive.  


Hawk Search powers the whole experience for browsers that start at your top-level categories.  Merchandisers can manage a consistent customer experience across both searchers and browsers.  The benefits from Facet Navigation are introduced as a visitor gets deeper into the categories.

Over 35+ Pre-Built Features

No need to reinvent the wheel to drive Dynamic Navigation on your site.  

Take advantage of these top features:
  • Intelligent Facet Sorting
  • Boost and Bury Facet Values 
  • Single- and Multi-Select Values
  • Search Within Facet Option
  • Color Swatch Values
  • Custom Image Values
  • Range Values
  • Collapsible Option
  • Nested Option
  • And Many More


  • "It was one of the smoothest implementations I’ve ever experienced and we’re thrilled with the results."
    - Neil Roble, Director of Marketing, A.M. Leonard