Dynamic Marketing

Utilize a proactive set of tools that amplifies your marketing plan to effectively interact with visitors. Dynamic Marketing empowers businesses to strategically guide a visitors' experience with specific search queries.

Boost and Bury Rules

Create conditional rules that increase or decrease search result placements in order to feature or hide results displayed.

Impact results placement on listing or search results pages by raising or lowering the ranking of the search query.

Customize content or product rankings by increasing or decreasing placement of search results in order to feature or hide results displayed.


  • Create Global Rules or Conditional Rules
  • Control the order in which search results appear
  • Override standard relevancy/popularity
  • Trigger rules based on specific criteria
Dynamic Boost and Bury


Drag and drop content to be highlighted within search results, landing pages, or top-level navigation. 


  • Create a collection of pinned items
  • Ability to schedule pinning rules
  • Select the context for the collection of pins being managed
  • Trigger pinning based on specific criteria or visitor targets

Content Spotlighting

Create campaigns to feature custom content to inform visitors of promotions, sales or events, etc. that are relevant to visitor targets and search queries.


  • Configure where, when and how campaigns will display
  • Utilize query builder to trigger specific campaigns
  • Dynamic tuning based on visitor interactions
Dynamic Content Spotlighting

Landing Pages

Create unlimited landing pages which increase conversions by highlighting specific products, brands or content results.


  • Faster results that are contextually relevant
  • Enable discovery of long tail content
  • Increase traffic through targeted keywords
  • Funnel visitors from strategic digital channels

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