Dynamic Landing Pages

Dynamically deliver the most relevant content based on internal site navigation, how a visitor arrived at your site, or any other reason. This feature provides a great way to optimize the performance of AdWords and email campaigns by having full control over your landing pages.

Content Landing Pages

If you lack Content Management System (CMS) capabilities, this feature is for you. Start with a blank canvas and publish content that you see fit. Our Content Item feature allows any type of content to be placed where you want it. Custom HTML, video, and even third-party integrations are all possible. You can react and create faster than ever before.

Product Listing Pages

Create landing pages to showcase targeted merchandised products and highly relevant products for any reason. The Workbench allows a full range of controls. Be specific and use our pinning feature to put your products in the exact order that you want. You can also be dynamic and let the machine learning and targeting capabilities provide tailored product listings automatically.


  • "It was one of the smoothest implementations I’ve ever experienced and we’re thrilled with the results."
    - Neil Roble, Director of Marketing, A.M. Leonard