Account Segmentation

For B2B e-commerce sites, you can use account details to segment a visitor's experience.  Show your signed-in visitor any and all the products, pricing, and promotions that they have access to.

Hawk Search can import account segments through a company's ERP system. These rules can also be managed through the Hawk Search Workbench. Any combination of parameters can determine the kind of experience your visitors have.

Benefits of Account Segmentation include:

  • Tailored customer experience
  • Increased overall conversions as a result of targeted messaging
  • Hyper-relevant product boosting or burying

Account Segmentation can be defined by:

  • User / Account Flags 
  • Custom Values (role, industry) 
  • Source (email campaign, paid search, social media, etc.)
  • Browser
  • State
  • Country
  • Time of Day


  • "It was one of the smoothest implementations I’ve ever experienced and we’re thrilled with the results."
    - Neil Roble, Director of Marketing, A.M. Leonard