What Our Customers Tell Us They Are Grateful For

This is the time of year when we reflect on all that we are grateful for in our lives. The mission of Hawksearch has always been to provide our customers with a search and insight engine solution that helps them accomplish their website goals and provide their site visitors with personalized and relevant search results. Everyone at Hawksearch is extremely grateful for all of our wonderful customers and over the years, they have been kind enough to give us feedback on what Hawksearch features have had a significant impact on their online businesses. In the spirit of gratitude, we would like to share this information, with the hope that we can help even more online companies in the coming new year maximize their success on the internet.

Relevant Recommendations Tool

Relevant Recommendations is an optional feature that empowers ecommerce sites to suggest additional items to consider for purchase that are based visitors’ search or purchase history. These products, which are based on known data about website shoppers are naturally appealing to them, as they are similar to items that they have looked at or bought in the past. This Hawksearch feature enables websites to harness the power of suggestive selling, by including sections on web pages that have headers such as “people also viewed” and “more like this”. Displaying products that already have a proven pre-appeal to site shoppers greatly improves the chances of conversion.

Machine Learning – Making Relevant Recommendations Possible

Machine learning falls under the science of artificial intelligence. Machine learning allows Hawksearch to capture huge amounts of site visitor search data and analyze it with the goal of making predictions about search patterns and user behavior trends. Based on this analysis, Hawksearch can choose products to display to shoppers that most likely will appeal to them. Machine learning gives ecommerce sites the opportunity to upsell every sale.

Federated Search

Information or content based websites offer a tremendous amount of resources to their members and website visitors. The available information is often housed on various servers and runs on separate platforms. The Hawksearch federated search strategy allows your site users to benefit from search results that include data from your entire website, not just pieces of it. Most content sites today are extremely dynamic in the sense that they provide visitors with such diverse information as calendars, classes/events, news, ecommerce and technical resources. Hawksearch can return search results from an aggregate perspective, ensuring that your site users can benefit from all the relevant information your site has to offer on their topic of interest.

Automatic Indexing

Successful websites are always being updated or enhanced with additional products, offerings or information/content. Search engines index websites, which is a very effective and methodical way to organize information in order to provide quality search results. Hawksearch automatically re-indexes your site whenever there is a need to include new or additional information. The automatic index feature eliminates the need to conduct a manual index process, which can be very time and labor intensive. Fresh indexing ensures that your site visitors benefit from any new changes in product lines or information that you have added or changed.

Boost/Bury Rules

One of the most popular things about Hawksearch is how customizable it is from the admin dashboard in order to meet the specific needs of each of our customers’ requirements. Within the dashboard are the boost/bury rule settings. This feature allows marketers and merchandizers the ability to influence search results by boosting or holding back certain products or information based on their marketing strategy. For example, if a major holiday is coming up, you can boost all of your products/information about the big day to be more prevalent in your visitors’ search results. Whether based on theme, time of year, subject relevance or for really any other reason, the boost/bury rules allow you to intervene to help steer visitors’ search results in order to align better with your marketing goals. We take great pride here at Hawksearch in the fact that so many of our customers have taken the time to let us know how much we have helped them realize their marketing strategies and online goals. We are very grateful to them and also to our employees who have developed Hawksearch into such a helpful tool for businesses of every type and size. From your friends at Hawksearch, we wish you the warmest of Holiday Greetings!